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P-2006 is proud to unveil a new line of T-shirts. Using the French Comboutique, they’re not the cheapest around but use high quality digital transfers onto good brand shirts (like Fruit of the Loom, Jerzees, etc.). There are currently only a handful of designs available but expect more to appear over the next few weeks with the general approach being to mix the humorous with some in-jokes and a few stylish designs. Feel free to suggest new slogans that you’d like to see on P-2006 shirts, and if you’re after a niche gift for someone who reads the site or will get the joke (or even a treat for yourself) look no further. Better yet, there’s free shipping if you use to the promotional code FREESHIP.

Sparkie and I went to see Borat, or rather “Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan”. The first chuckle was before the film even started, seeing its named stretched out along the entire screen on the BBFC plate. The film has been so overhyped during the last 2 months that by its actual release my expectations had faded away to almost nothing. However, the critical acclaim it has received is unparalleled for a comedy. It is, I am pleased to say, utterly fantastic and it would be a disservice to oneself not to see it. I have not seen an entire audience erupt in such laughter for some time, and there is something in there for everyone. It is frequently outrageous, particularly in its rife anti-Semitism which can only be stomached knowing Sacha Baron Cohen is himself a strict Jew. I will attempt a review soon, although it will be the first I have written for a pure comedy.

You may have heard a story flying around the net that he stole the character from a chap named Mahir Cagri to whom Borat bears an uncanny resemblance. However, having read a debunking investigation it sounds like the claim is bogus as Borat is really the evolution of another pre-Ali G character, circa 1994.


  1. How much of the 17.50 is going in to your pocket? 😕 I can’t believe you actually have your own merchandise now. Is someone being a little presumptuous here? :d

  2. Virtually nothing unfortunately — the cost really is because they use decent shirts (the same suppliers as a lot of band merchandise, etc.) and I wouldn’t want my name on sub-standard goods!

    And I’m always presumptuous. This started off mostly for fun but I think some of these designs are actually worth wearing.

  3. So you’re charging £17.50 for a coloured Fruit of the Loom super premium (or £16.96 for different colours)?

    Reading the FAQ ( gives me a base price for them of £13.50. Now they say in the guarantee that you get all of the mark-up (“Two t-shirts sold with a margin of 3 £ for each, and that’s 6 £ in your wallet!” as they make their profits from the original base price), so you should be getting 100% of the mark-up.

    Which I make as (*does Maths*) a £4 profit for each one sold (30% mark-up). Hardly “virtually nothing”.

  4. What’s more, the maximum mark up per shirt is £5.

  5. I’m afraid that’s rubbish. For the store the coloured FotL super premium I’m being charged a base price of £15.50 (inc. VAT), so at £16.96 the markup is around £1.44 (further reduced by some weird rounding as the profit for non-corporations is excluding VAT).

    So actually it’s nowhere near £4 a shirt — I wish! 🙁

    EDIT: Just read the FAQ myself which has puzzled me now, because those are clearly not the base prices I am being given. I may have to contact them… 😕

  6. Solved it! The price increase is due to double-sided shirt prints.

    I am now removing designs from the backs which should result in a significant price drop on all products. 😀

    Thanks to those who pointed out the odd prices — I may be a lawyer but I haven’t succumbed to that level of insatiable greed just yet…

  7. hm, you do have a black one, but i’ll probably have my tshirt quota filled come feburary. this information has been filed away nonetheless.

    also: hello again!

  8. Strangely this does not surprise me! 😉

    Good to hear from you again, and hopefully there will be more black ones by Feb…

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