(aka Tom)

Meet TomThe only living person I respect for having bought a Mac, Tom is a self-confessed gaming addict and therefore realised that the only failsafe way to ensure he stood a chance of getting a degree was to buy a Mac so that he could not possibly play games on it even if he so wanted. Which naturally resulted in many hours in my room drooling at Half-Life 2‘s physics engine or grinning inanely at Halo 2 previews. He is nevertheless arguably the member of the K klan who makes sense most frequently. Tom apologises for always looking as though he’s taken a not insignificant amount of cocaine in every existing photograph of him. Although he does not drink, Tom’s inexplicably vast knowledge of all manner of alcoholic beverages has led to rumours of a youth filled with drugs and booze until he eventually washed up in The Priory. Tom has ardently refuted such accusations, albeit unconvincingly at best. An alternative suggestion is that he was simply born at the age of thirty-five. Which would explain his sense of humour. As a boatie chorister medic, Tom’s free time can be summed up in a simple equation; t=0.

Is most likely to be drinking: Lapsang Souchong Tea
Console of preference: Xbox
Date of birth: undisclosed. ever.