(alias unknown)

Meet Phantom Third YearPhantom Third Year inhabits a haunted room on the first floor of K. Whilst his (we are fairly confident of Phantom Third Year’s gender despite the infrequent sightings, and less reliable rumours even cite his name as “Henry”) presence is felt regularly, he is rarely seen or heard directly. It is not uncommon for one to be mid-conversation and suddenly feel a fluttering breeze, generally accompanied by a sharp, slight but detectable drop in temperature. Such an occurrance is usually the result of close proximity to Phantom Third Year. Whilst sightings are few and far between, Phantom Third Year’s existence is irrefutable. Rumour has it that an eccentric philanthropist (usually meaning a bored old guy with a dodgy beard, slightly senile with too much money) has offered a substantial prize for the best photographic evidence produced. Various accademic theories abound, respectively describing Phantom Third Year as a student from the 1930s who was shot after discovering evidence of a Trinity emu smuggling ring, a pupil who was dematriculated in 1872 (for reasons unknown) and subsequently hung himself, and the illegitimate son of a Fellow in the late 1960s come to seek out his father who, in order to avoid a scandal, locked him away in that room for seven years until the boy developed a fatal illness and died.