(aka Ackers, George’s Dad)

Meet MattThe man of every Charlotte’s dreams, Matt is the proud father of K Kitchen’s George (or, George Foreman’s Lean Mean Fat Reducing Grilling Machine to use his full name, but “George” is marginally easier to pronounce). When he’s not listening to the sweet sound of sizzling seared flesh or tending to George’s other needs, Matt is also known to frequent R&B nights at local clubs in a dedicated social experiment to see how long he can remain before inevitably being thrown out at around 3am. Thumps and crashes from his room are commonplace and generally ignored as either Matt lifting weights or finetuning his break dance routines. As an additional diversion this term, Matt came armed with a deep fat fryer which now sits proudly in the kitchen next to George.

Most likely to be grilling: Steak
Club of choice: Coco’s
Current ambition: To deep fat fry his own Mars bar