(aka Little Miss Lemon)

Meet CatherineGuaranteed to confuse, Catherine, a village gal from just outside Sheffield, performed a stalwart job of appearing normal for the first month. Clearly exhausted by the task, she then relapsed into what we swiftly realised was her normal state of conscious delirium. While one will immediately search for the profound connection between such varied topics of conversation as citrus discrimination in education, squirrel porn and corpses in ice cream vans…there isn’t one. Described by fellow medic Dave as “90% leg”, Catherine also vehemently denies that her suite of rooms is deserving of such a title. Nevertheless she can often be heard cursing her door (which apparently doesn’t like her) and talking to the walls of the corridor. When not inventing new words (or amalgamating old ones) Catherine occassionally studies medicine.

Most likely to be heard saying: “The lemons are plotting to take over the world!”
Most likely to be heard singing: Magical Trevor
Preferred term of abuse: Stuuupid!!