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Yahoo! Mail BetaFor those who’ve been ignoring my plaintive cry that Gmail is not the best service out there, despite the seeming “eliteness” of their invitation system, perhaps Yahoo!’s latest upgrade will make you think again. Aside from the fact that “just” 250MB is fine for me since I actually like deleting emails when I know I won’t need them again (less to back up and less to search through), the main failing of Gmail has been its interface. The signature minimalism that works so well in its search engine (to the point that I now use Pure Google which strips it down further to just a logo and search box) translates to a clunky experience when applied to your inbox. An action as simple as deleting an email should not be hidden inside a selection box. Yahoo! Mail’s powerful and fluid system has long been superior, but the gap is to widen further with the acquisition of Oddpost and their fantastic software that simulates a desktop email client within your browser window. The bottom line is that Google tell you how to use your email, while Yahoo! leaves the choice to you.

The Questions section has been rewritten, answering some of the questions you asked. Feel free to offer more suggestions as it expands into v1.0. Also check out the Artist section with a new project called Cambridge Knights, which is a new style I’m trying out. Please let me know what you think of the results and maybe there will be more to come…


  1. But…but…how do you KNOW you’ll never need it again?!

    I can never delete emails. Says a lot about my psyche, doesn’t it?


  2. I’m with Friya on this one. My inability to hit ‘Del’ isn’t restricted to photos (incidentally, I’m thoroughly offended you haven’t asked *me* for a pic of you yet – I just read the ramble) Emails are the lifeblood of a uni student, by deleting them, you’re clearly soulless 🙂

  3. Yes, I believe we covered that with “lawyer”.
    But then I’m not the one who misread “statues” as “statutes”, am I Ravi?

  4. Anyone who wants said picture, just post a comment up here, I’m sure I’ll see it 😛

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