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Hey sports fans! The Legal Softball League may not sound like the most thrilling of sporting clashes but its blend of relaxed atmosphere, large parks and alcohol make for a excellent Monday evening. And suffice to say that rivalry between law firms tends to elicit a more than minor competitive streak. Trainee/Sheriff Pete invited me to snap away at this week’s game and, never one to turn down new photographic opportunities, I happily headed along. In return he was able to illustrate his match report and, based on reactions from the team, it looks like I may do this on a more regular basis, joining in if they need an extra man. Though the team was sadly unsuccessful against Manches, a few shots from this week can be found below.

Next time you’re renovating, I came across an interesting example of why not paying attention to your architect’s plans can be awesome. Admittedly you may need around $1.26 million. And an architect who happens to be a creative genius. But the principle stands.

And while playing Rock Band 2 with my sister this evening we unlocked Kansas’ Carry On Wayward Son, which reminded me I’d come across a cover of it very recently but couldn’t remember for the life of me where. Eventually, with some surprise, I worked it out. Just wish they’d let them finish the song instead of talking over it. Note to anyone at the studio who likes money: a Worthless Peons album will sell.


  1. Carry on my wayward son is also the song they use whilst recapping what’s happened previously at the start of every episode of Supernatural (which is an awesome TV show if you haven’t checked it out!)

  2. It might just be me, but my first thought when I read the title was that there’s also an underground, illegal, softball league in existance.

    Glass-studded baseball bat anyone?

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