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V For VendettaIf a review doesn’t get written within a certain number of days of a film’s release (in the UK) then I tend to shelve it, on the basis that people will probably already have seen it if they had any inclination. With a busy schedule at the start of this year, it resulted in most reviews I had planned to write being canned for one reason or another. However, with DVD releases being almost as important as their theatrical counterparts, I intend to catch up on many films that I previously missed either seeing or reviewing. The first of these is V For Vendetta which is a bold and thoroughly enjoyable film, marred by the declining quality of the Wachowski brothers’ recent scripts. I know not everyone will agree with me. Like Lucas I think they are wonderfully imaginative storytellers, but the taut, intelligent dialogue that marked their early writing has been replaced by brash and overblown concepts that aren’t quite as clever as the material itself. I definitely recommend seeing it, but I can’t quite justify buying it on its release at the end of June.

Look out for a bunch of backwards compatible reviews for films from earlier in the year, ideally around the time of their smallscreen release. I was spurned on by a kind word regarding the quality of the site’s reviews from someone over at the Toolshed forum. Continuing with the “vendetta” theme, Lady Vengeance may be next. I’ll be focusing primarily on the better films which I can actually recommend, since for the most part (due to slighlty limited cinema time) I’ve avoided the average dross like The Pink Panther and Ultraviolet. Now that P-2004 is no longer accessible at all (the Beigetower servers seem to have shut down for good) for completeness I shall also pull over a few of the older reviews that never surfaced here, and maybe even some of the remaining site entries for those who like ancient history (well, 2003 anyway).

On a similar note, some people have wondered why I don’t write full music and games reviews too. The reasons are different for each. I tried my hand at “proper” music reviews a while back and was never terribly happy with the result. I have a wide and ecclectic taste, it is true, but I don’t keep abreast with the latest happenings in all of these genres. I also only buy albums that I already have a good idea I’ll enjoy, so it would be unusual to ever see anything below 3 stars. With videogames it seems unfair to slap on a score until playing the whole way through and, although I remain up-to-date with the latest news, I don’t really have time to devote to playing in that fashion — it typically gets stretched out over several weeks or more. As such I prefer to use this part of the site to recommend and discuss such items where noteworthy, but they are unlikely to appear in the Critic section any time soon.

With the end in sight, I just need to keep my head down and try to nail Family Law on Monday. It gets increasingly difficult, of course, as more and more people finish exams in the run-up to the weekend. I’ll probably stay holed up in my room, listening to the pop of champagne corks and the smell of fruit-laden Pimms drifting through the window…


  1. ..”listening to [the?] pop”..

    aah.. now that answers the question i just put on kirsten’s FB wall..

    Good luck with the family law!

  2. Goddammit ADAM. Get yourself some porn or something. :p

    (Priyan – if your mum is reading the comments as well… PLEASE delete this! :”> )

  3. goddammit girl.. stop following me everywhere 😮

    You seem to be successfully bombarding my screen with spam… noooo… :p

    *thinks of counter measures*

  4. oh.. and here i’m “Ad”.. don’t you pay ANY attention to what Priyan suggests.. 😉

  5. She hasn’t so far, why would she start now? :p

  6. It’s not my fault you’re going everywhere that I go! Who do you think discovered this page first, huh? :p If not, then I still date him, so I win.

  7. yeh – i’ll give you that i don’t date him (reason: he must be messed in the head to date you :P)

    but this precise page.. i think that would have been me.. (although i’m sure priyan’s logs can be checked if you need to confirm that)

    P.S. what colour top you wearing tomorrow? 😀

  8. yeh okay.. so i’m not dating him (reason: he must be messed in the head if he is dating you) :p 😉

    but i might have found THIS page first!

    P.S. What colour top you wearing tomorrow?..
    mwahahhaha 😀

  9. 3rd time lucky (for this post :()

    THIS page?.. hmm.. i guess the logs would tell 🙂

    You’re right i don’t date him (reason: he must be a bit gone in the head to date you :P)

    P.S. What colour top you going to be wearing tomorrow ? 😀

  10. I knew him before all of you so technically I win 😛

  11. But I have to put up with him every day! (Not that I wouldn’t love that darling… o:-) )

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