Keggstack: taller than AngieSaturday night was Keggfest, a genius idea (yes, I can say that because I’m merely quoting Lucia, not expressing my own opinion) I came up with over the holidays. Since we didn’t get to spend Easter together here I figured an Easter-themed party was in order. The basic premise was that each person brought with them a Kegg, as impressive an Easter egg as they could find that must have been bought at sale-price after Easter, which then became communal property to be torn open, smashed and consumed in the tasteful chocolate orgy that is Keggfest.

So everyone turned up at K-Bar around 9pm to join in the fun, bearing much chocolate and producing the impressive eggstack you can see. Vast quantities of chocolate were consumed despite some uninspiring performances by a few individuals (you know who you are!) to the syrupy sound of such chocolate-themed songs as Shanks & Bigfoot’s Sweet Like Chocolate and the inimitable Chef’s Chocolate Salty Balls

Keggstack: taller than Dave | Mini-Keggs

Priyan's KeggAside from a little disrespect by an uninvited guest (but then K-Bar has always been a “the more the merrier” kind of place), it was a highly successful night enjoyed by all attendees. The leftover chocolate was all dumped in the kitchen and mysteriously disappeared within the next 48 hours.

In other news, Cambridge was comfortably won by the Lib Dems which marginally restored my faith in people’s ability to make the right decisions to effect positive change. More interesting was the Central Croydon seat which the Conservatives snatched from Labour by just 75 votes (19,899 to 19,974). It was like poetry.

I have been officially drafted into the Ball Committee now, so have been drawn into negotiations regarding the hosting of the website which I shall be maintaining. Entering the gritty underbelly of College that is student politics has been an enlightening experience, all very cutthroat (with dingy basements – where the leftover drinks are being stored) and film noir (secret meetings – despite the bright sunshine). It was interesting to discover how aware the college are of personal relationships between students where they feel it may affect smooth running, such as within the JCR committee. For obvious reasons much of the Ball-related information is classified until the final decisions have been made, but you’ll hear how things progress.