Kegg: (n) Easter egg (or other related chocolate product) purchased cheaply in the clearance sales after Easter.

Keggfest: (n) Traditional celebration of chocolate occurring shortly after Easter. Centres around the consuming (and sometimes stacking) of Keggs. Considered to oppose the commercialisation of Easter.

Last week marked the return of Keggfest to the Eastertide calendar. A tradition I started back at uni, it faltered someone once we left Cambridge. A successful, small-scale return hopefully means it will once more become an annual event. Tom G was the first “outsider” to partake (providing not just chocolate but also home brew with a hint of chili). Sadly Icelandic volcanoes conspired to keep Anna away, so the indoctrination of someone from the Other Place still awaits.

There is little else to say so, instead, here is a mini-gallery with 6000 words worth of pictures: