Yesterday involved some pretty dry work, the dull side of poring over statutes (we’re talking a library of around 80 odd identical thick green statute books) on Insurance Law. In fact it didn’t even involve oneof our cases, but was to help out Rosa whose car had been wrecked in an accident. After much searching I eventually found the liability clause we were after, but Insurance Law looks so tedious that I have a great deal of respect for anyone who can stay awake longenough to practice it!

Today we were seeking extra funding for a case in which we needed a psychiatric evaluation for our client. Now legally it was made clear that we were entitled to “state funds” but there was no mention of precisely from where these should come. The Judge was unwilling to pay it from her own Judicial expense fund, the various groups that previously offered money for such things were no longer able to provide for it in their budgets, the State Supreme Court were generally unhelpful, so it seemed the only available course of action was to ask the State Treasurer, only he can’t give us anything without specific legislation licensing him to do so. Gotta love bureaucracy.

In the evening I met up with Jenna and Cassie and had my first burger from Jack-in-the-Box (one of the things I had been instructed before leaving England to do). Decent, filling, very satisfying cheeseburger. We went over to Jessie and Cassie’s house, where Jenna’s husband Jeff prepared some of the fish he and Jessie had caught during a three-day fishing trip earlier this week. Now, my only real knowledge about Jessie was from a few photographs of unmentionable things being done to a dog, but after discovering we were both Angel fans we quickly warmed to one another, and I got my cult TV fix.