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Chatting to Luke the other day made me realise how much I’ve been neglecting the photography side of the site. It had been a slowly-updated yet reasonably successful section of P-2004, but with the site overhaul it just didn’t fit in quite so easily with the new WordPress system. I figured I had been putting it off long enough and decided to rectify the situation. Being something of a control freak, I wasn’t happy with any of the hosted services on offer and wanted everything to look cohesive. Naturally the alternative involved staying up ’til 5am for a second night (although unlike last time I didn’t run into Janine in the kitchen as I was going to bed and she was waking for rowing training). The end result is a fully integrated gallery in the Artist section. Its content will vary between general snaps and proper photography. When you enter you will notice that it removes the right hand menu system. This is intentional in order to give more space for the photos to be displayed. To continue browsing the rest of the Artist section, just click on the link in the top menu. The gallery is still under development and there may be some teething problems, so don’t be surprised if you see the odd broken image or the whole thing collapses and redirects you to Magical Trevor 3 instead. Do let me know what you think.

In other site related news, more film reviews are being added, both new and old. Jane will be pleased to hear this includes a 4-star review.

Portable Firefox v1.5 has finally been released, bringing with it all the new features added in the latest version of the Firefox browser. Portable Firefox allows you to install the program onto any transportable medium like a USB key or even an MP3 player! This means you can take your favourite browser (well okay, my favourite browser) with you wherever you go, complete with your chosen themes and extensions. Now you truly never need to use IE again, even on someone else’s machine. On a related note, for those of you who love mouse gestures for interacting with Firefox, Sparkie pointed me towards a neat little app called StrokeIt. Not usually something I’d be comfortable entering into Google, it turns out to be great way of adding mouse gestures to a variety of major programs including Windows Explorer.


  1. haha, it would figure that your 4-star review is of a film I didn’t really like.

    *ducks from Priyan’s swinging blow to the head in response to what I just said*

  2. You’re safe only because I had to learn to control my rage after working with someone at Vodafone who walked out of that movie halfway through. Apparently, I soon discovered, the establishment frowns upon ritual disembowelment in the office.

  3. Well, then I’m glad I’ve actually seen the whole film, otherwise I’m afraid you wouldn’t let me be your friend, and then I would be sad, haha.

  4. Ah its only a 4 because he’s sooooo taken aback by Miss Johansson.


  5. Well, can you blame him, really? 😉

  6. Actually no not really

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