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In Bruges (In Leicester Square)

In Bruges

It’s always a great feeling to stumble across a cinema showing a film you thought you had missed. In this case, after an exam on Monday, that film was In Bruges. My opinion of Colin Farrell fluctuates with every role he plays, but his charisma is undeniable and that is largely what sells this dark comedy about two Irish hit men hiding out in the picturesque medieval Belgian town of Bruges. Farrell’s character naturally hates it while Brendan Gleeson is equally wonderful as his more reserved, experienced partner, while Ralph Fiennes is suitably dislikeable as their principled but otherwise deplorable boss. In some ways this may prove to be this year’s Kiss Kiss Bang Bang for me, the vibe being similar and the charisma of its amiable and slightly inept lead being what carries the production. If you can’t catch it in the cinema, do keep an eye out for the DVD release — it is excellent.

I would also mention that if you have half an hour to kill in London (say, while waiting for a film to start) there are plenty of worse ways than stopping in at the nearest Bella Italia, ignoring the menu and ordering the calamari and a glass of red wine, while reading a book. If it has outdoor seating, so much better.

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  1. Finally saw In Bruges the other day!!! So good!!!!! Reminded me much of Big Nothing

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