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I have finally gone through many of my photos since the beginning of this academic year and added them to the gallery. Facebook users got an early look, though the image quality is higher here. Photos from Christmas in Germany will hopefully be added soon.

The Marshmallow NippleTuesday evening was the Danby Society quiz which I attended for the third year running despite the perils of being a lawyer in a room full of NatScis. Irina ushered Angie and me into her team with Andy B and Tom Ash and the resulting hybrid supergroup, dubbed Marshmallow Nipple, proceeded to dominate the quiz every round. Until the final round, that is, in which our winning streak was scuppered by a lack of sports knowledge, relegating us to a still respectable third place (the highest I’ve ranked in the Danby quiz). Having been each year since I arrived I’m actually quite tempted to turn up again next year if the Andy and Irina are up for it…

Angie Game Face | Irina's Lame Face

The EnemyYou will have noticed that site updates are still sporadic at the moment with work rudely imposing itself. However there is good news for those desperate for the regular diversion offered by P-2006. I have recently started using StumbleUpon which is a community tool that shows you random sites that others have submitted based on your interests. Think of it as channel surfing for the web. It helpfully creates an RSS feed of sites you save, which I have then been able to route via Google Reader into my Shared News feed. This now allows me to include any page on the internet instead of just ones that come up in my recent news feeds. I’ll aim to keep it updated with a few interesting bits a day, so do check back regularly. You can now access it from the Feeds page. On social stuff, also note the new page which displays a few listening tables and a funky visual display of albums I’ve been delving into for those who like that sort of thing.


  1. Well, one day you’ll do it yourself without realising. Lets just hope there won’t be a friend with a camera to make it public. I could have expected something like that from the ‘queen bee’ i knew at my school – you’re more in touch with your feminie side now than ever before…

  2. Only kidding. I think you look lovely as always. My feminine side notwithstanding.

  3. I had to delete StumbleUpon off my computer as it was taking up too much of my time. Which I needed for other important things such as computer games and Facebook stalking. :”>

  4. Also, RE the photo of Angie here:


    Bonus points for actress, character name and film.

  5. Ha. My glare rules.

  6. I may have to make a similar marshmellow nipple for myself… just with cake as opposed to a paper plate. Not sure how tasty plates are.

  7. I do quite like Shamini’s glare. That was the first thing I noticed in the ‘enemy’ photo, haha.

    I miss quizzes/trivia nights like that one. The politics society here had one last year, which was awesome, but sadly they failed to repeat it this year. The bar does one, but it’s shite. And always on a really inconvenient night. 🙁

  8. How long have you had the P ‘favicon’ at the start of your address bar / firefox tab?

  9. Well spotted, it is new. It was designed it ages ago but realised I never got round to uploading it. It’s coming now with a series of changes (see the Questions page for a sneak preview as new bits and pieces are tested out since it’s the least visited area). But shh, don’t tell anyone else.

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