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Dear Readers,

The short unscheduled absence after returning from the States has extended in a slightly more intentional break from writing while various other things in my life took priority. Things like arranging a (new) roof over my head. In fact, I realised, this is the first real break I’ve taken since I started blogging back in 2003, so it’s not bad going.

I have now moved into a great flat in a brand new building near Hanger Lane. The move required some negotiation and I have developed a healthy distaste for estate agents as a result — so far as I can tell they get in the way more than they help — while our landlord Jignesh seems like a very decent chap. A day after moving I started the LPC with BPP in Holborn.

I remain a little frazzled by the whole process which, coupled with the fact we have no internet access in the flat yet, means updates will still be sporadic for the next few weeks. Beyond that I hope a return to usual service, providing you all with procrastinatory insights and irreverent witticisms or whatever it is you people actually come here expecting. I’m quite sure I don’t delivery it half as well I should, but I’ll at least endeavour to offer it twice as often as I ought…




  1. Good to know you’re still alive. May have to come by the flat before I head up to Loughborough for a another year of “uni”.

  2. I’m back in the UK on 25 of September. Now that you’re settled, any chance of meeting up before I start classes on 9 Oct? 🙂

  3. As above, really…
    Any chance you’re having a flat-warming? You and the Hertford krue (or however it’s spelt these days (hopefully though, not like this as its dark so I’m likely to be eaten by them…)) seem to be the only people I haven’t met/drunkenly harassed yet this summer and as I’m off to *ahem* start */ahem* uni soon, might be a classic thing to do…

  4. I think he’s really dead and this is some Priyan imposter…

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