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As promised, here is the full fang moulding process in photographic form. It has significant advantages over the old system which involved a thermo-plastic and inevitably burning your fingers in boiling water. The powder capsule and liquid process is much less fiddly and gets the job done in one go (the old method used to take a half dozen attempts to get right) but the downside is that should you make a mistake, there’s very little rectification that can be done later. The major advantage is that you have far less plastic in your mouth now — as you can see at the bottom, they really are single tooth caps that fit snugly.

The step missing from this illustrated guide is the application of the paste into the tooth, but it’s a rather difficult to perform this delicate operation and take photos with just two hands. I should also point out that the in-mouth close-ups are while the tooth was still being fitted and the last two are before the edges are tidied up so the final result will look more impressive, but I wanted to save something for the night. I’m certain there will be a plethora of photos for those who won’t be able to see it in person.

moulding Scarecrow fangs


  1. Lookin fantazmo! Blood shall be spilt!

  2. So, do they just adhere to your teeth? And they don’t fall out?

  3. They do not stick to your teeth as such but fit exactly around the shape of the tooth so they do not fall out unless pulled out by hand.

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