Kill BillThe anticipation surrounding Kill Bill was made resoundingly clear by the fact that the teaser posters, just a few months before the film’s release, needed no picture what so ever. The words “4th film from Quentin Tarantino” were enough to make any fan drool. And now his first directorial outing for six years is out there for all to see. But more importantly, for me to see. Last night.

Almost as amazing as the film itself was that despite the fact it was all arranged on the day, six of actually managed to turn up, all accounted for and with tickets without any trouble at all. Well, almost. Guy had to come half an hour late, Matt had to wait eight minutes in his car for cheaper parking, Peter was trying to call from a train in to East Croydon with dodgy signal, and Chris needed Haribo. But at least I knew where everyone was.

And then the film itself. Outstanding frantic action sequences to out-kung-fu The Matrix, another awesome Tarantino soundtrack (which I actually bought before seeing the film, purely on the basis that it had the music from the trailer!), but above all it oozed pure style. The excessive gore was never the point of this film. What mattered is that it looked stunning. Every moment. And juxtaposed with the carnage was an incredible sequence where Thurman steps out into a Japanese tea garden, midnight blue sky, virgin white snow, Lucy Liu dressed in white, gracefully levelling her katana as the snow gently, slowly falls around her. Spellbinding beauty as only Tarantino could capture. You’ll know precisely what I mean when you see it. Yes when, not if.

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And tell me, who else but the uber-geek Tarantino could open a kung fu film with:

“Revenge is a dish best served cold.”

Old Klingon Proverb