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About a week ago I heard a rumour that Lej had vacated Cambridge for the even wetter city of Portsmouth to attend a top secret recording studio session after penning an all new England World Cup anthem. Teaming up with Beauty and the Geek co-star Will Goodhand and a Royal Marines band, Edmund Bolton UK has done us proud once again with the horribly cheesy and inexplicably catchy We’re England. It’s replete with an insistant head-nodding rhythm and several silly voices — Will says his is supposed to be a cross between “Giles Brandreth and Timothy Claypole off Rentaghost”. Apparently. The duo’s combined geek star power and the song’s trashy contagiousness might just be enough to pull it off. Be one of the first to know, tell your mates and get ’em keen. So suck on that, Ronaldinho.

On similarly trashy note, Ben Stiller introduces this truly shocking canned 1999 pilot for Heat Vision and Jack. The story follows ex-astronaut Jack (played by Jack Black) whose rocket flies too close to the sun causing his brain to deform so that he becomes hyper-intelligent in the sunlight. His sidekick is talking motorbike Heat Vision (voiced by Owen Wilson), imbued with the voice of his former roommate. Ruthlessly hunting them down is Ron Silverman (playing himself) as they keep moving across the USA. Trust me, it gets even sillier from there. Yet somehow this camp send-up of 70s and 80s pulp action TV shows manages to be entertaining.

Having supervisions in the week before exams start is less helpful than inconvenient, particularly when getting to it on Wednesday involves trekking to the opposite corner of Cambridge. Admittedly the afternoons are not my most productive period, but a 40min hike each way isn’t exactly an improvement. Until then I’m mostly holed up in my room poring over folders and tricking out my statute books with iridescent Post-it index tags. Plans for a Cambridge-targeted Pimp My Textbook are, no doubt, already in progress.


  1. I’m pretty happy with the WordPress level of security. I think its used widely enough that where security issues exist (and they do) it is discovered and patched with a minor update reasonably swiftly. However, it does mean time-consuming manual security upgrades to all the WordPress installations I maintain (for myself and for others).

    Luke, yes its tag tracking isn’t bad actually. It is trying to ensure that its output still validates even if the idiot user forgets to close his tags, and works reasonably well although often with unintended results (closing tags later than you would like).

  2. OK, for the record then, do you give me licence to try? :-S

  3. I believe that this might be interesting. Is it going to close 1 or 2 tags?

  4. It closes the first one immediately and the second one at the end, which is correct to avoid having incorrectly embedded < em > tags.

  5. Yeah, it’s probably widly enough used. The obvious attack would be to attempt to DOS the structural parser that it must be using to clean the XHTML, but that’s a somewhat childish approach, and would potentially cause actual harm so I won’t do it.

    This is the first thing I’ve seen that attempts to do something this sophesticated. I’ll give it a detailed bashing offline at some point later…



  6. >It closes the first one immediately and the second one at the end, which is correct to avoid having incorrectly embedded tags.

    So I observe. Very good, also lightens the load on the nest depth that the parser has to maintain 🙂

  7. Wow could this be the record for the most posts?!?!?!

  8. abc def – I know LJ probably favours the ’em’ tag (though I’m not exactly sure what you mean by ‘favours’), but the ‘i’ tag works just fine, so why shouldn’t I use it?

    What do you mean by ‘favours’, anywho? If the ‘i’ tag works, then why is it wrong for me to use it?

  9. For the reasons already outline by Priyan above.

  10. Oh, well, yes – that was so many comments ago, I had forgotten he’d explained it already. My bad. 😀

  11. I wonder how many comments we can get this up to before either a) the website can’t take it any more and crashes, or b) Priyan gets annoyed and deletes them all in a fit of rage.

    Place bets now!

  12. Sparkie loses!


  13. Hello everyone

    Yes I have finally got to the end of this comment thread! Ok so I have only just found it via Rob’s procrastination list. Also I wanted to ensure that Adam didn’t win. (I’m sure he’ll find a way now especially as he has an exam tomorrow)

    Also since Rob’s website has no comments page I would like it publically noted that I have completed nine out of the 28 including 25! Anyway as I have now made it publically known I will go back to the revision :((

  14. Apologies for the lack of comment section. This might be rectified during May week, but don’t bank on it.

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