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Harry Potter Ends War

While making no judgement about the quality of the final film, I openly rubbished the tired teaser trailer for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. The complaint is slightly unfair since all Potter trailers are inevitable compared against the Azkaban teaser which is arguably one of the finest examples made with its atmospheric choir and languid, moody shots. Absurdly it was the trailer for the inevitable game tie-in that sparked greater interest, with impressively realistic incarnations of the film’s characters and a stunningly faithful reproduction of Hogwarts. Yet all this high definition goodness is rather irrelevant since if one were to play the new Harry Potter game, the only format worth considering is clearly the Wii version, wiimote wand poised as you cast spells. The balance has been redressed somewhat by the new full length film trailer which is more engaging, if overly reliant on pyrotechnics rather than subtlety.

Ubisoft have announced a new game in the ever-expanding Tom Clancy franchise, but this outing comes in the form of a World War 3 RTS. Little more is known beyond the title EndWar and the fact its scale is supposed to be massive, possibly even in the massively multiplayer sense. We can assume this is the new project alluded to by the viral website launched several weeks ago.

In other news Kryptonite has been discovered in a mine, though the crystalline substance disappointingly fails to glow green. No word yet on superpowers granted or neutralised.

And lastly for those who enjoy dock action on Windows, a brand new version of Stardock’s ObjectDock ought to be right up your street. Did I mention it’s free?


  1. Two posts in two days? Someone’s feeling guilty :d

    The game looks nice, but the question that needs to be asked is how open ended is it? Are you free to roam the school? If so then it’s awesome, if not then it’s like every other game there is.

    Film looks nice too. Glad they put out a decent trailer in the end!

    I went on an advert whilst waiting for it to load and found the new Dell computers. 3.4Ghz quad processors with 1.5TB hard drives, 4GB of RAM, water cooling and factory overclocking, all for the nice price of $6500! Slightly out of my range, but mneh.

    Oh yeah, I liked using objectdock until it ate my computer, so no more modding windows for me!

  2. Ha… see? You’re telling me *I* am procrastinating!!! :p

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