Debbie’s birthday today, which meant just a half day at work since Steve wanted to spend the afternoon at home with her. Unfortunately I had pre-arranged plans with my cousin Jenna, but gave Debbie her gift in the morning: the newer Dido album which incidentally I haven’t actually bought myself yet! Work flew by pretty fast this morning, and I began explaining some procedures to a child and their parents. In this case it was explaining Plea Agreements along with Bernie, one of Steve’s student attorneys. I’ll be doing this more and more to keep things flowing smoothly whenever Steve gets stuck in court.

For lunch I met up with Jenna and her old roommate Cassie. We went out to an Italian chain called Olive Garden which does a decent soup lunch where you can order as many bowls as you like for a set price per person. Not first class but good enough for a reasonable price and awesome bread. Cassie, who I’ve only met briefly before, was fun although she had a common inability to get over “the pinkie thing” when I ordered tea (sorry, hot tea – for some reason this uncouth nation believes the iced variety to be the “normal” version while I strictly maintain it barely counts as tea at all!). I must admit it was a little weird eating lunch with two very young mothers, since to the outsider I imagine I either looked very active or very gay!