P-2004 finally has it’s own guestbook. After the calamity suffered by the Crypt’s own guestbook when all the entries were lost as TheGuestBook.com turned to a fee-paying service, I was reluctant to set up another guestbook that was hosted off-site. So finally I plucked up the courage to begin my first forray into the wonderful world of CGI scripts, and so discovered a wonderfully intuitive and customisable script from active-scripts.net who I would thoroughly recommend for any webmasters with a cgi-bin at their disposal. And most importantly, now that the guestbook is stored on the site server, it’s blessedly free of advertising!

After much tweaking which ran on till around 3am, the final result can be accessed through the green button on the main page (formerly leading to the P-2004 Forum, which has since been put on hold). So what are you waiting for? You’re here. You’re a visitor. Go sign!