After successful presentations by Will and Rav who survived what was, by all accounts, a rather brutal grilling with questions, the Ball has now been officially green lighted by the DCAC and the GPC. A rather empty looking but fully operation site is now available at and the content should be appearing within a day or two, including the ticket application system.

happy birthday Jo!Yesterday’s Cranworth Society drinks gave us a chance to get to know the Downing law freshers a little better, although it tends to be a less riotous affair than some of the later events in the calendar. As it transpired it was also Jo’s birthday, a girl on my corridor. I went along to the slightly rowdier do in her room since it seemed a good way to get to know my third year neighbours a little better. It swiftly degenerated into a paper-throwing fight that dishevelled the entire room as mattresses and and chairs were pulled away for use as cover. In hindsight it wasn’t really the best night for a fire drill at 7am, was it?