Google SuggestI’ve just discovered that my online presence has now become suitably (in)famous for me to be included on the Google Suggest database! Yes, if you start entering my name then it’ll pop up all of its own accord in a rather satisfying manner. Google Suggest is actually an incredibly useful tool that’s sped up my searching to no end over the last few months that I’ve been using it since it also lets you see how many results different variations on your query will produce, allowing you to select the best one. As ever, Firefox users have it best, since you can integrate it into the normal Google search engine with a snazzy little extension called CustomizeGoogle. In terms of general search statistics, P-2006 is now the first entry in a search for “Meewella” making me Meewella #1 so to speak. The real goal is, of course, to achieve a similar result for “Priyan” but (despite the fact my parents allegedly made up the name) it is still shared by several others who will need to be eliminated or otherwise displaced before I can achieve my destiny.

One a slightly less egomaniacal note, after another ghastly Thursday at least the bulk of the work is out of the way for this week so I can get down to some serious R&R and see off the tail end of this flu which I imagine would have disappeared days ago if I’d actually had time to sleep. So long as I’m back on my feet to enjoy Hallowe’en Formal tomorrow night, all will be well. I’m just a little worried that my teeth still haven’t arrived, so I may have to do without unfortunately. I’m sure it’ll be a fangtastic night either way (sorry, I tried to hold back but I’m ill and weak).