The week since I got back has been crazily hectic. Virtually all of my time has been focused on The Globalist project (hence no updates here!) but it’s finally taking shape and is looking to be pretty spectactular. Partly I’m exhausted from trying to have my mind in three places at the same time. Having finalised the first version of the Cambridge website, I was asked to create a site for the Sydney chapter based on that model. I then modified the Yale site with some new images while creating an index for the Foundation that led through to each chapter website. Naturally, existing in three different time zones does wonders for sleeping patterns. Not that I can argue mine was particularly good to begin with.

I’m currently working on my second forum in as many weeks. This one is based on the Downing Ball committee forum, albeit a little greener which has required a some simple extra graphic work. Mostly it’s just to ensure that when I’m tired I can still tell which forum screen I’m staring at, rather than dealing with two identical bluish designs!

One brief respite midweek was hanging out with Chyde who had the bright idea of a Das Boot-fest, watching the entire director’s cut of film in all its 4 hours and 40 minutes of glory. Set on board a German U-boat during the second world war, it’s certainly a fantastic achievement in claustrophobia with its very limited range of sets, despite the long running time. Wolfgang Peterson’s direction is excellent, with music that swells with the emotions of the crew leading to a magnificent surfacing sequence at the end. Definitely worth a watch, and doing so in one sitting actually adds something extra. His dad was nearly cheering by the end!

Well, I’m pretty brain-fried from too much late night coding and tweaking, so that now everything seems to take on an eerie bluish glow, not just my laptop screen. But it feels worth it, and in the past week The Globalist Foundation has really come to life as a truly international organisation. I’ll be back when my vision returns…