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More observant visitors may have noticed the addition of a new page (but probably didn’t). The new Frappr Visitor Map is designed to show where our myriad of visitors come from, so whether you’re a regular or an occassional browser please head on over and take a few moments to mark on your home town. I originally considered doing this when PvP set one up a while ago, but never got round to doing it. Recently, becoming irritated by continuous “where do you live?” and “who lives in X?” threads, I set one up for Gamespot UK and it seemed the perfect time to create one for P-2006 too. I’ll add a link as a footnote to the next few posts to remind people to add themselves and hopefully we’ll see it grow.

CULS, the uni law society (unlinked since it appears someone forgot to keep up payments on their website’s domain), has been running a weely competition ever since Jade took over from Nick as President. In each email newsletter are a few lyrics from a song and the first two people to correctly identify them win a bottle of champagne courtesy of Cambidge Wine Merchants. Despite being pretty quick on the draw, what with a virtually permanent net connection, I’ve been pipped to the post on several prior attempts but finally snagged a bottle this week when the song in question was the now-infamous Facebook Song, the “snag” being that you needed to name at least one of the lyricists. Now that I have the champers, all I need is something to celebrate…


  1. Having zoomed into that map I can reveal that Priyan lives in a tree outside O in Downing college. :d

    Do you want us to put home locations Priyan or otherwise I sense Cambridge could become pretty crowded?

  2. You did not know he’s living in a tree? /:)

  3. Yes, Kirsten has taken over my room and kicked me out so I now inhabit a small tree within the domus.
    Home towns are what I had intended, or at least wherever you still consider to be “home”. You can also move your marker at a later date.

  4. This is soo exciting. I can see my house, and my Dad’s work and my Mum’s work and oooh… sooo many things to see… oooh… :d

  5. So are you going to keep your little marker in tune with your current position (now that would be a good procrastination technique), or have you rejected sunny Surrey as a location worth calling home?

  6. I’m on. And in the middle of a very blurry field apparantly.

    I wanted to position my marker to the inch but it won’t let me. :((

  7. To the inch? I want mine to the mm!!! Had to claim I lived in Botley! Botley i tell you! *is appalled*

  8. Sparkie, As P-2006 has been getting more regular updates from Cambridge, I originally decided to use this address. However, it has now been moved to the somewhat less beautiful Croydon, where the site was originally conceived.

    Adam, try going back to the map when logged in and clicking “edit entry” next to your name on the right. That may let you place the marker with greater precision.

  9. Angry Giant Fish

    14 May 2006 at 10:06 pm

    |P| has sold his soul to the social networking crowd.

    Burn him.

    ‘Frappr’ indeed. I’ve known nicer sounding things come out of the back end of Starbucks.

    You have one chance to redeem your soul and wipe this trash from your website before it starts inserting cude and cuddly pop-ups telling me that someone loves me. It’s all a big lie.

    You’ll be advocating the use of high cognitive load interupts next. Then we’ll never get any work done.


    (If you insist on continuing this line in social procrastination and productivity management, you might be interested in what this guy does:

    Very nice and smart guy, even if I don’t agree with his current social networking stuff)


    Just to help the ‘people’ who name these products. They obviously don’t have enough of them on their keyboards.


  10. I should have guessed you would be less than enamoured with it! Procrastination did indeed have a good deal to do with it, and I will stress I still don’t buy into the whole social networking thing per se. “Collecting friends” is horribly crass. In this case it just happened to provide a useful toy with a map that I could harness as a visual aid. I do not advocate using the site for anything beyond that.

    For those of you with high class tastes, you’ll be pleased to note I have chosen not to embed it Flash-stylee into this site, which remains as clean and reserved as ever. The links go solely to the external site — let me know if there are pop-ups involved as I may reconsider, but my pop-up blocker has prevented me from seeing any.

    I must agree about the name, unless “Frappr” is in some way intended as a nod to the 1920s “Flappers” (or is that “Flapprs”?), a breed of jazz-loving hedonistic women — although I can’t quite see the link. Unless you count Kirsten.

  11. I was able to put my marker *right on* my house. 😀
    But I have no idea who’s car that is in my driveway. Certainly not mine. hmph.

  12. Woot on the map!!!! OOOh yeah procastination rules!

  13. Woo, my marker is now on my house. At least I think it’s my house. The photos a bit blurred so I can’t be sure. Could be anybody’s house really I suppose. 😕

  14. Ok I think that’s me. Can’t really tell. :-??

    Oh well more time wasted….

    And just becuase I like it >-)

  15. Time wasted? Try searching the whole of India for one very small unmarked city, and then trying to find a place you’re not really sure where it is, no road names, and you haven’t even been there in two years. 😀 Should be less excited by this. and I happen to know that goes for ADeAdMan too. 🙂

  16. the procrastination continues.. loving it =d>

  17. Dude, I have now found satellite photographs of all of my friends’ houses, old schools…basically, the whole of Baton Rouge.

    You’re making me miss my home AND fail my first exam.
    Damn you and stupid map! x(

  18. LOL hahaha btw for all you stalkers out there head on down to it has everyone on the electoral list. So that coupled with the satellite map *wink wink nudge nudge*

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