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Fried Chicken

I wonder, is it possible to eat too much chicken? I love meat, as you well know, and chicken is such an easy food to eat by the bucketload. However, I do begin to feel that an unspoken line may have been crossed when my last two days of meals have consisted entirely of fried chicken in some shape or form. The last two days also involved meeting up with the Curry Night crowd at both Walkabout and The ‘Lark, along with Alexia, Friya, and Sophie (whom I haven’t seen since she left for Australia over a year ago). It was the first time I’d been to Walkabout midweek and it was a little disconcerting to find them playing actual music in there. And I don’t just mean Oasis and Green Day*, I mean Rage Against The Machine.

Memoirs of a GeishaA film version of Memoirs of a Geisha is now under way, starring Zhang Ziyi. Frankly I can’t possibly think of a more beautiful image to capture on celluloid than Zhang made up and costumed as a geisha. The trailer looks promising, although I must admit I was a little disappointed that they chose Arthur Golden’s novel over Geisha of Gion, which is the superior book in my opinion. Although I have not read Golden’s in full, I prefer the latter as it is less sensationalist and, being written by the former geisha Mineko herself, a far more personal account. Nevertheless, I cannot wait to see how this turns out.

* the DJ seemed to be enjoying the novelty of a second deck by mixing songs at random, one of the more successful efforts being a confusing blend of Wonderwall and Boulevard of Broken Dreams.


  1. I have a horrible feeling that once I get back to Downing I’m going to gorge on fried chicken from CitiKebab, at least my arteries will go out in a blaze of glory.

  2. Your beloved cousin J

    26 September 2005 at 7:21 pm

    I generally tend to avoid fried chicken unless its from the original chicken shop-KFC. After extensive research I found that even though their chickens didn’t have beaks and steroided to have large breasts and thighs, you know you’re eating goooood chicken cos its the “Original Recipe”. Plus around Harrow most KFC employees are Sri Lankan so why not help fellow countrymen of my family get a leg up in life. Further more, because I’m not quite black you know I don’t quite feel so obligated.

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