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Flying South For Christmas

Karleigh and PepperWe’ve headed down south to Baton Rouge for Christmas. Karleigh is, as you can see, lively as ever. She takes great pleasure in tormenting Pepper, Jenna’s new kitten (better known as “Kitty”). They have a very giving relationship.

The girl has also been taught a sequence of dialogue that would be sickly if it weren’t true. It runs something like this:
“Karleigh, what are you?”
“And what else?”
“I’m pretty!”

I had my first Sonic burger the other day. Although the experience was not altogether unpleasant, it is a prime example of limitation through marketing. The self-proclaimed “America’s drive thru” is going to be a rather hard sale if they decide to expand to the UK or, say, Afghanistan.

Christmas Eve we headed down to New Orleans to survey the damage firsthand. The sparse traffic was immediately obvious and it was sad to see the place so deserted with many homes utterly uninhabitable. The subdued mood gradually elevated once we reached downtown and the French Quarter where the structural damage was minimal and people were trying to continue as normal. It was still very, very empty but there’s life in the old city yet, and the impression I received is that locals are keen to see it return to its former glory. The beignets taste as good as ever.

Caleb and I saw King Kong a few days ago. I was secretly pleased we had to travel the extra distance to a late showing at Tinseltown since I remain less than convinced by the mall screens. Jackson’s new epic certainly benefits from the biggest screen you can find as Kong takes on three T-Rexes. You probably will be aware that I aim to avoid spoilers in my reviews. However, I have to side with Gabe on this one: when it comes to a seventy year old movie, there’s got to be a statute of limitations.

Although political correctness dictates that I may only wish you Happy Holidays, defying authority I sincerely hope you have a Merry Christmas nonetheless. And if you’re not a Christian then I guess enjoy your free holiday. Just remember you owe me.


  1. Bitch, I don’t owe you nuthin. You actin like you own Christmas and shit. WhatEVA.

    In other news, Sonic is the only “fast food” (excluding Subway and Cane’s, because they don’t serve hamburgers and are therefore not “fast food” in my mind) that I will allow myself to eat. It is wonderful. Anyone who says anything else is LYING.

    In other other news, you suck for being in the same city as me and not seeing me. :'(

  2. Of course I don’t own it. I’m just saying some of us went to church this morning to praise our Lord and saviour, thereby earning Christmas for the rest of you. That’s all. 😛

  3. That comment sounded completely unlike how you normally sound.

  4. I have my moments.

  5. My name is Karleigh too.:d

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