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Millionaire ShortbreadIt came to my attention after yesterday’s post that not everyone is familiar with the concept of millionaire shortbread. It is, in short, the finest sugar delivery system ever invented and quite possibly humanity’s only saving grace (given that they’re the same species that invented the law lecture). Consisting of shortbread coated with a layer of caramel and topped with a generous portion of chocolate, it’s the perfect kick to get you through that third lecture of the day. And it just so happens that the Nadia’s café in the Law Faculty has a very healthy supply, since not everyone is in on the secret. Which probably accounts for Emily H’s cunningly conceived joint tenancy law exploit today, which worked very well until I pointed out that one had to be dead in order to benefit…

The fragments section has been fully upgraded without much of a hitch (unless you picked a bad in-between moment yesterday). You’ll notice a new calendar navigation system on the right which will let you access any day’s post directly. I’m just trialling it for the moment, as a quicker alternative to going through the archives. I’m keen to keep the interface uncluttered so if it’s not popular it’ll go. You’re the people who’ll be using it though, so let me know what you think!

A crate of 20 bottles of Becks for under a tenner (Manager’s Special at Sainsbury’s) is a deal not to be sniffed at, but there comes a point somewhere around three quarters of the way back to college when you begin to question whether lugging it all that way is actually worth it. The answer, now that it’s sitting in my room, is of course damn straight.


  1. I don’t like the calendar. It sits awkwardly on the side panel (to me, at least). And I’m not one to use calendars. If there’s something you’ve said in the past that I want to refer back to, I generally remember what month it was in, but not what day. Your site is navigable enough without the calendar.

    But I do quite enjoy the smileys. :d
    Especially that one. Well, and this one 😮 is pretty fun, too.

  2. Omg! I found more! There’s a TONNE of smileys!! They wave! :-h They salivate! =p~ They rolfmao! =))
    There’s one for me! **==
    And look! There’s even one for you: l-)

    oooohhhhh this is way too much fun!:))
    Praise the smileys! ^:)^

  3. There’s gotta be something wrong… the whole right navigation is at the very bottom of the page which is why there suddenly appears a scroll bar that’s never been there before… (This is with Mozilla Firefox version 1.0.7). But I’m sure you’ll figure out – COMPSCI =)):x

  4. Sounds like a dodgy CSS glitch in FF1.0.7 — even IE can render it properly! I think I know what the problem is though, so I’ll see what I can do…

  5. It all went crazy, it did, I insist. It’s never me, it’s the computers! And I don’t see no calenders so>:p

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