You know you’re settling into your job properly when you can spot mistakes in your supervisor’s work, and then engage in lengthy discussions about possible alternatives. Not bad given that a week ago I knew absolutely nothing whatsoever about insurance. A few interesting developments: Toby and Richie were both offered a job on the phones in the same building as me (not quite so well paid, but with v. good hours). They were distinctly unimpressed with their coworkers on the first day’s training, Richie electing not to come back while Toby is determined to stick it out at least until the training ends.

Although for the most part I’ve been keeping to myself since work started, Monday night was strange. After work I went to see The Village and as I was coming out, decided to call Toby seeing as it was his birthday and all. Turns out he was about 50 feet away from me. So we went for a drink, met up with a few mutual friends and then went back to the cinema to see The Bourne Identity. I tried to tempt them into seeing something else so I could make it three in one evening, but for some reason the boring gits said they had homes to get to. So, it turned out, did I. And a job to wake up for the next morning. Both reviews are to follow shortly.