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sneak previewThe Ball may now be described as imminent. Marquees line the lawns, standing at attention while workers scurry beneath them with all the urgency of a makeshift army barracks. This year’s intelligent heat-conserving layout looks like a real improvement over last year’s freezing vastness. Meanwhile the dodgems… actually I can’t really think of a suitable simile for the unloading of dodgems from a bloody big lorry. With a little Austin Powers-style driving they managed to get them through the main gates fine, while the lorry bringing Die Hard’s equipment managed to take out the Pizza Hut sign across the street. The committee’s efforts have been doubled and redoubled (err, quadrupled?) in the last day as everything is moved into its final position for the night. Just moving things around college is complicated and strenuous enough, let alone coordinating with distributors from outside. Drink deliveries have produced such plentiful supplies that when we need a break, smoothies are now more abundant than water. The Mule is back in action so you’ll see it zipping around college. Just give it a wide berth if you see Joel in the driver’s seat.

I’ve recovered pretty well with the help of the antibiotics. On Tuesday I had to drag myself into London for an interview with Bird & Bird, since they refused to rearrange it, although I can’t be too harsh towards them since they did offer me a job immediately afterwards. Unfortunately it begins in May Week, but I’m keen to do it nonetheless since the firm’s technology focus makes it the perfect sort of place for me.

Tomorrow you’ll see me involved in all of the most untechnical jobs you can imagine from lugging fencing around to securing large outdoor heaters. The entry system will have a final test at 4pm — I’ve already taken a look at the marquee which will be my home for the first part of the evening and it’s actually quite spacious. And after that it’s just a short sprint to zero-hour when I’ll hopefully see you as you enter Aetheria for a wonderful night.


  1. I was checking out the ball site last night, and now from reading what you’ve written here, it’s confirmed in my mind:

    Damn. You committee guys are all heroes. I don’t know how you do it. Sheesh!

  2. Priyan lugging fences around; now that I want to see! 😉
    You’re all doing a great job though guys, I can’t wait till tonight.

  3. Well okay, so I haven’t ended up lugging fences around. Just amplifiers and massive tables. The sort that take layers of skin off your hands when you move them. Good thing I have moisturiser in my room…

    P.S. For those with VIP tickets, I recommend arriving early to get as long as possible in the reception before the rest of the rabble arrive!

  4. “Good thing I have moisturiser in my room…” And you really wonder why you’re chatted up by guys??? :d

  5. @Kirsten

    >”Good thing I have moisturiser in my room…” And you really wonder why you’re chatted up by guys???

    Oh, so it wasn’t yours that you left behind after you moved to Downing?


  6. /me shoots ducks.

    ~:>x(8-x ……..:-” (and yes I know that’s not a duck but go with it)

    Priyan gets chatted up by men? =))



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