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Fight For Your Right To Cool Down

I would like to extend a personal congratulation to Jamie and Andy, or the Defenders of the Free(ze) as I believe they should now be known, for winning their long-running battle against College regarding the use of mini-coolers. Downing have long banned students from keeping fridges in their rooms but the position on mini-coolers has been open to interpretation with a blind eye generally being turned. However my friends were informed that their brand new mini-cooler breached their rental agreement (allegedly, I assume, posing a serious fire risk) and would have to be removed. They staunchly refused, citing that it not being a fridge they were not breach and apparently went so far as to threaten the establishment of a student complaints commission. College eventually not only backed down but are proceeding officially to change the rules expressly allowing the use of mini-coolers from now on, although it may be required that students register the item from next year. Surviving battle with the domus bursar et al is impressive enough, but emerging victorious shows a grit and determination that would make a Spartan proud. Yes, they’re lawyers. What’s your point?

Everyone’s offers from Law Schools have started to trickle in and I have been offered places by both institutions to which I applied. Both in London I still have absolutely no idea how to distinguish properly between them and making the choice will be rather difficult. More of my intake at Bird & Bird are going to BPP but the people I know best will be at College of Law. The decision will likely involve a proper visit if I can spare the time away from Cambridge during the term.

I have mentioned the recent plight of Croydon’s Beanos, once one of the largest second hand record store in the world, several times before, but as work continues apace to establish its new amalgamation of music and market stalls the local press have also become interested and printed several positive articles. The Advertiser went one step further and put together a tribute/history/future/slideshow/audio thing called Music You Can Touch, narrated by managing director David Lashmar.


  1. “but the people I know best are will be at CoL” – you might wanna settle for one tense.

  2. Indeed, though it’s kinda both. They are currently at CoL doing the GDL but also will be there next year for the LPC at the same time as me.

  3. They’re at the CoL doing the GDL, huh? Dirty. 😉

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