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Happy Separation of Church and State Day! Yes, that is what the Pilgrims were most thankful for.

-Stephen on Thanksgiving

A large number of our readers are Facebook users and it only takes a glance at our site statistics to see how many of you now regularly arrive through there. As such it seemed that a little more integration was due. You will now find a small Facebook icon at the bottom of each entry on the site, allowing you to “share” it through Facebook. This allows you to post it on your profile or send it directly to friends who may be interested. The idea is to provide an easy way for you to highlight interesting posts to others, store useful entries for later, or simply to collate all your favourites in one place.

The small change will hopefully be useful to Facebook/P-2006 regulars, while not getting in the way of others. Accompanying it there is also a minor alteration to the layout with a quotation at the bottom of the page replacing some defunct information. A cookie for the first person to identify the current Fragments quotation without use of search engines.

My Vitriol - GroundedTonight I’ll be heading down to Camden to see My Vitriol‘s sellout show at KOKO. The only show they are doing this year, the first time I’m seeing them, and the first chance to hear more of the new Chinese Democracy album, I’m more than a little excited. The demo of We’ve Lost Our Way sounds incredible.

Poor planning by the certain members of the Cranworth Law Society (who shall remain nameless, A— ) resulted in several of us not being able to attend the formal last night. In fairness, getting some work done to make up for tonight in London probably isn’t such a bad idea.


  1. Layer Cake

    And define “search engine”. ¬_¬

  2. > And define “search engine”. ¬_¬

    What you just used.

  3. Do I get the cookie for knowing it without a search engine?
    Please >:d<

  4. Damn! Can I have a cookie anyway for being right and first?

  5. Censorship on your website??? Oh dear that’s how far we’ve come. But then I should have already known that when reading about you integrating Facebook. Where can I hide now?

    Oh and LAYER CAKE.

  6. Oh fine, I was just trying to make it interesting for other people. And it was not censored it was hidden — you just had to move your mouse over it. I try to avoid censoring any post at all costs… and no, that’s not a challenge.

  7. Now I wanted to try that mouse thing and you changed it back. :((

  8. Isn’t Guns N Roses’ new album called Chinese Democracy too?

  9. Yes, they actually made a G’n’R reference at the gig and it sounds as though they may be changing the name again — more details in the next entry.

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