While I prepare for exams, today we bring you an extract from the blog of half-elf ranger Tylion Sureshot, currently adventuring somewhere in the Mines of Uduk’lar…

The others are asleep and I have agreed to take the first watch, so I figured now was a good time to update my blog for those of you reading on the surface. I tell you, it’s a damn good thing this dungeon has wireless or I’d go crazy in here, staring at these rocky cavern walls. Though that might be because of the luminous blue hallucinogenic fungi growing on them. Gorax decided to eat one of the mushrooms earlier and it took us almost two hours to calm him down and get his clothes back on again. Take my word for it, you do not want the full naked Dwarf experience.

The pirates have rallied after the crushing attack a few days ago. Rather than consolidating a single port as before, they are now distributed across several nations which seems to make sense, although it renders their legal position more difficult to deduce (they always maintained their actions were legal under the laws of Sweden). As for the Swedes themselves, few were terribly peturbed about the rousting of the pirate rabble, but scandal broke out when it seemed their politicians had buckled and taken orders from the United States — a notion with which no one was happy. A large demonstration occurred in protest, with a speech from the Pirate Chief as well as escalating attacks on official websites.

I had been considering trying the Vista beta on this machine but there are several issues holding me back. Firstly, it being a notebook there will be a myriad of driver incompatibility problems. Secondly, the use of the graphics card for visuals causes a significantly increased mana drain, and finally my enchanted ambulatory hard drive dislikes the mines (because of the damp) so it’s hard to find the 20GB of space that Vista politely requests on the internal. Perhaps later I may give it a shot once I’ve had a chance to clean it out. I wonder if our wizard knows Bigby’s Defragmenting Hand…

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