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Several days between updates again, I know, but this time I have a legitimate excuse. What started out as a simple flu got a lot worse so I’ve headed home for a couple of days to recover from what has now been diagnosed as tonsillitis. It’s weird how slow life seems outside of the hectic Cantabridgean jungle. I’ve now seen a doctor and been prescribed a five-day course of penicillin-based antibiotics so with any luck I should be back in a day or so looking perkier. Or at least back to my cynical old self. Thank God for mould, eh?

Since I’ve been confined to a bed for the last several days I’ve been chomping through episodes of House. Note to self: possibly not the best idea when ill to watch a show whose premise is to find fun ways that tiredness and a little cough could kill you. At any rate, for fans of the show I thought I’d share a few sites I came across. I love a lot of the popular music selections from old school rock to jazz and will help you find the songs from a particular episode. If you can be patient with its pondorously slow server, Mad TV’s House spoof is spot on, though unsurprisingly meaningless if you’ve never seen it.

The Oscars actually managed to produce a shock result this year, which has partially restored my faith in the Academy voters. I believe Crash is a far more deserving film of the year than the expected shoe-in Brokeback Mountain, although Ang Lee’s direction earned him recognition independently. The rest of the big four went as I’d predicted, and it was particularly nice to see Clooney bag a statue for Syriana since Good Night, And Good Luck failed to impress quite enough. There have been some complaints about failure to properly recognise Kong, but it won the awards where it’s real strength lay — Kong himself, a feat of special effects marvel but not necessarily overall filmmaking prowess.

And finally, Jehan put me on to this film which seems to have slid under the radar and he highly recommends it. Lucky Number Slevin certainly seems fast and slick, and so long as the plot can keep up with the sharp dialogue, it could be a winner.


  1. Have you seen the second series yet? It’s been on channel 5 while I’ve been here :((

    The House spoof link doesn’t appear to work for me 🙁

    Although don’t worry about it to much – you have to get better before the ball \:d/ :d

  2. Oops, the link is fixed.
    And yes I’ve been getting through the 2nd season in digital format although I appear to have run out…

  3. I wondered where you’d gone. 🙁

    I watched the most current episode of Season 2 last night – a very very good one, I think.
    And I *love* the music they feature in most of the episodes. And not just because in one, they played the most Dave Matthews song for the most perfect moment. A song I think you’d like, actually, if you haven’t already caught on to it – “Some Devil”. Quite good.

    And Lucky Number Slevin was actually good. I wrote about it on my LJ. Check it out. 🙂

    Oh, and, “independantly” = misspelled. 🙂

    Stop being sick.

  4. w000t! You knows I knows a good film. House is starting to hot up with a silent killer threatening to infiltrate the immune systems of the main cast.

    Also I’m glad the academy went for a film with meaning and not sop.

    And finally get well soon cuz!


  5. Jane, you noticed “independantly” and yet not “tirednss”? You crazy Americans with your independence

    I really liked the use of The Who’s Baba O’Riley (Teenage Wasteland) in House, watching him drum along. I think that’s when I really started to notice their careful choices.

    J, my sentiments exactly. 🙂

  6. Hmmmm… looks like I have to catch up on House watching although i don’t think my hard disk will like it.

    Someone else who has heard of Dave Matthews! My favourite is Gravedigger.

  7. Oh, Gravedigger is a fantastic song. I can’t listen to it without getting all spine-tingly and a little bit sad. 🙁
    But the Dave Matthews Band stuff is utterly fabulous – they’re one of my fave bands! I think “Granny”, “The Space Between”, “Smooth Rider”, and “The Song That Jane Likes” (and not just for the obvious reasons, haha) are my favourites.
    The band is so incredible live (saw them nearly two years ago, and I’m going again this summer), and Dave is a lyrical genius. Seriously.

    If you like live stuff, “The Gorge” is their best live album to date, and the best studio one would have to be a tie between “Everyday” and “Stand Up” (which only came out last summer).
    Glad to know an English person who likes them, haha. (As I’m American.)

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