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Examinatory Sabotage and Super Supreme

Steph has suggested that the latest round of Facebook updates were designed to make us fail exams, and with their inconvenient timing it is a persuasive theory. Personally I’m more concerned about the House of Lords delivering a key ruling on divorce settlements right before Tripos. When even the Lords are sabotaging your law exams, it’s hard not to take it personally. It all makes me hanker for the good ol’ days of Edexcel.

Sparkie recently recommended McAfee Site Advisor which has plugins for Firefox and Internet Explorer, sitting in the status bar to warn you about the safety of the site you are browsing, with regard to popups, spam and spyware (in which case you should not trust downloads or submit forms). It also places warning icons next to results in major search engines to alert those which may pose a threat. I was happy to see that had already been greenlighted.

Superman ReturnsThe stylised teaser for Superman Returns contained barely any content but garnered much interest, while the full trailer met with a decidedly mixed response. Kevin Spacey’s Lex Luthor was a suitable fulfillment of Gene Hackman’s legacy, but overall it failed to herald the man of steel’s return with the epic sense that was suggested by its forebearer. However, a new UK cut of the trailer mends many of its flaws, with different construction and superior pacing. And the final shot is just comicbook cool.

Supreme CommanderThe Supreme Commander trailer shows off just the scale that journalists were raving about at E3, zooming out from what appeared to be an already full map to show several similarly sized conflicts occuring at once. The variety and volume of units engaging one another makes this the first time in a while that people may be upgrading their computers in order to play an RTS. Of more concern, however, is whether controlling so many units in multiple engagements at once can be achieved without reducing the player to a drooling epileptic mess on the floor. An impressively intuitive user interface will be only way to achieve this, but the game deserves recognition for its visionary scale, the biggest step up I’ve seen since the “Total War” series emerged with Shogun.


  1. “Ad is wondering whether to point out the typo :-?”

    Damn facebook..

  2. “|[P]| is suitable penitent, having noticed a couple in the third paragraph, and believes you can tell that one was written too early in the moring.”

    Damn facebook…

    (note the deliberate exclusion of an FB link since I figured most of you would never manage to read beyond there if I did.)

  3. Sparkie is pressing F5 repeatedly in the hope that the link to the Superman trailer will work


  4. |[P]| is confident it will now work.

    Apparently most browsers don’t understand “hrerf”. 😕

  5. ADeAdMan can bounce bullets of his eyes as well. And is talking in the Fourth Person to be different. @-)

  6. Shamini doesn’t think ppl should shoot other ppl in the eyeball, and if one person does the other person should not bounce it off and either way the camera man should back off a bit and zoom out.

  7. Jane and her flatmate went to see X-Men 3 tonight, and the Superman trailer came on before the movie.
    At the scene where the bullet bounces off his eye, Jane said, “Whoa! Neat party trick!”
    And her flatmate responded in mocking, moronic tones, “Hey, hey! Shoot me in the eye! It’s gonna be so cool!”

    Jane laughed for a long, long time.

    P.S. Jane finds typing in the third person difficult and un-fun.

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