Under ConstructionThis short update is really more of a warning. When the Fragments section was upgraded a short while back, the others were left behind. With the release of WordPress 2.0.2 I’ll be bringing them all up-to-date over the next day or so. The result is that those sections may be inaccessible for a short while. Of course, since they haven’t had updates for a while I’m not entirely sure what you’d be doing in there anyway! It’s really behind-the-scenes work, so ideally you’ll barely see any difference at all. Once the upgrade is complete, updates will be easier so I’ll have no excuse which will hopefully mean more of the stuff you’ve been missing.

I’d also like to update the Questions FAQ. How major an update it is depends on you really. So if you have any new questions about the site, me or anything else that you’d like publicly answered, ask away!