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A while ago when I compiled a list of films you may not be planning to see (but, for reference, probably should), I wasn’t entirely sure about including An Education, but a combination of the quality of the trailer, the writer and the calibre of the supporting cast convinced me to highlight it with a poster too. Fortunately it seems I have been vindicated with the film receiving not just rave reviews but its lead actress Carey Mulligan being tipped for an Oscar. Doctor Who fans may recognise her as Sally Sparrow from Blink, one of my favourite episodes (not least because it was written by Stephen Moffat). So consider this a reminder to go see it when it’s released at the end of the month.

I am not buying Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 on release. To gamers, that will sound like a pretty bold statement. An outright refusal to buy what is widely expected to be the best game released this year? Surely I jest. But no, Activision has asked me to pass it by. At least I assume that’s what they meant when they increased the RRP to £55. In practice that means it will be available for no less than £45 and their argument, insofar as they have deigned to proffer one, is either “it cost us quite a lot to make” or “well, people will pay it anyway”. Unfortunately both are true. High end videogame development is expensive but when your game is guaranteed to sell in the millions, recouping costs is of limited concern. And people want this game so they will pay for it. That’s how free markets work. My not buying it (until the price drops) won’t change anything because others will. The bottom line is this: one day my children will ask why their videogames cost so much and I will have to explain it’s because people’s convictions don’t run quite as deep as their wallets; but at least I can tell them I tried.

Finally, some are commending Spike Jonze’s documentary on Maurice Sendak as a more impressive achievement than his adaptation of the author’s seminal Where The Wild Things Are.

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  1. Have you seen the leaked footage of MW2 with the terrorists and the airport? Any opinions?

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