ebay.co.uk“Hello, my name is Priyan, and I’m an ebayaholic.”
Well okay, not quite, but although I was rather late to pick up on this craze, and have only been using it for about a week, I can definitely see the addiction. I’ve already “won” around £100 worth of stuff, although I think that terming me a “winner” is a little misleading. My prize? Getting to pay a sum of money to someone I’ve never met for some item I’ve never seen!

That said, it’s a great way to get hold of many things much cheaper than would otherwise be possible. Many of you know I have a list of out-of-the-way DVDs as long as both my arms, and every now and again one will pop up on ebay for a decidedly more reasonable price than any mail-order bunch. The thing is, of course, that ebay attracts everyone, not just mainstream cinema-goers, and not just foreign flick afficionados either (since I also managed to pick up cheap copies of Daredevil and Go too). All these new DVDs pouring into my house (accompanied by the odd leather-bound hipflask) mean plenty more reviews for the site, so hoprfully you can revisit a few cinematic gems of the early noughties which may have passed you buy.

So I’m a happily commited member of this new electronic auction venture, but dammit I hate it when someone outbids me on those perfect True Romance film stills by fifty pence. Because obviously my room just isn’t complete with out them…right?

P-2004 HEALTH WARNING: ebay is seriously addictive; common side effects include extreme anxiety and severe insomnia.