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A belated Happy Easter to you all. I hope you all gorged yourself suitably on the candied delights that allegedly celebrate Christ’s resurrection in some indiscernible form — I found the Milkybar Mr. Potato Head in my Easter egg particularly dubious. Kirsten came down for the long weekend to join in the familial festivities and when not working could usually be found on a computer somewhere, excitedly tweaking her new blog or researching her next post, and occasionally digging a pond for her Piñatas.

Having previously been exclusively a buyer, I am now dabbling in selling over eBay with decidedly mixed results. I began by selling off some old games to which I do not expect to return, comparing the profits to those I could obtain by trading them in at CeX. They offered an insultingly paltry 80p for Freelancer in-store, yet on eBay surprisingly it netted far more than Doom 3, which sold for virtually nothing. I found that console games tend to sell at more consistent prices, making it easier to gauge the likely results.

As a beginning my approach was to search for the item I was selling and use eBay’s facility to narrow the results to “completed listings” only. I would then look at the listings that had sold at the highest prices, aiming to emulate them in both content and timing (an equally important factor). The whole process was surprisingly simple, particularly as I discovered Paypal and Royal Mail offer a service through which you can pay for and print parcel postage labels. Posting is then as simple as finding a post box rather than heading into town and braving the inevitably horrific, pensioner-packed post office queues. Despite the mixed results I experienced, overall the “DIY approach” yielded a higher profit than I would have made through in-store trade-ins, even accounting for the considerable commission and fees taken by both eBay and Paypal. With listing items and even postage no longer a great inconvenience, on balance it generally seems worth the little extra time it takes.

The logical continuation would be to downsize my DVD collection as Kirsten has been hinting with references to the limited space of our future flat. However a cursory inspection revealed about ten titles with which I could comfortably part — not exactly an appreciable dent in a mass of over two hundred. On that note, if you would like me to bring any specific titles to Cambridge to alleviate the pain of exam term, now is the time to let me know (in the comments or by email) so I can pack them in advance.


  1. Let me know which titles you’re selling – I might be willing to take a few of them off your hands, if they’re good stuff. And I don’t charge commission. 😀

  2. Priyan, could you bring Ran please? Its on the list of 20 films angela should watch. Thank you:)

  3. I would if I had it… were you reading the list of films I need to see instead of The DVD List? Or did you misread Rain?

  4. What’s a ran? 🙁

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