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After last night I am of the opinion that free champagne should be served not by the glass but by the bottle. The result is both more efficient and more civilised than running the traditional alcoholic’s gauntlet, fighting one’s way through the horde for each refill. Given her slight stagger by the end of the evening, it would appear Kirsten was inclined to agree. Despite her marked disapproval of us spoilt lawyers and the way in which we are courted, for some reason she seemed entirely happy to accompany me on a boat cruise down the Cam, courtesy of Cleary Gottlieb. According to LawSoc head honcho Nick, we collectively consumed around 70 bottles of the good stuff in under an hour. Of course, lesser drinks continued to emerge throughout the remainder of the three hour ride, while a few ardent enthusiasts cradled their remaining bottle protectively. One such reveller was Joe from Selwyn, who recognised me and I him, but have not the faintest clue from where or why. There was an admirable contingent of the Downing first year lawyers present, although most of the usual second year legal suspects (of any college) seemed strangely absent, tempted away by fireworks ents, no doubt. Fireworks schmireworks, I say; the river (er, and Kirsten of course) had my full attention for the night.

P.S. Big up to Jayraj gracing the Downing massif with his inglorious presence this weekend. Word. And I hear Cara’s knocking around somewhere too, so I’m off to hunt her down…


  1. *stares*


    Did you just say…”Word.”?


  2. It’s a cultural reference…I can do those.
    Though I must admit I never really understood why MS Office applications were considered “street”.

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