There have still been problems with the Ball site until it suddenly hit me that I’ve been approaching it all wrong. I’ve been trying to integrate the site with someone else’s designs that I wasn’t happy with, but being faithful to their ideas. I needed to be more destructive. So I took the images, redesigned them the way I’d have done them, and worked with those instead. The balance in the new “hybrid” graphics has created something quite beautiful and hopefully you’ll be seeing it very soon. I’m pretty sure this is the one.

I’ve gradually started updating the Globalist site too, and new editor profiles are now available, amongst other things. More will be appearing over the coming days, and after the launch the whole of issue 1 will be available for those unable to get hold of a copy of the magazine.

That orchid photo has been getting around more. Will from emailed to let me know he’s used it in his blog. It’s an interesting site, discussing his recent thoughts and meditations upon the buddhist way of life, but from an individual’s perspective. He has a particularly nice entry on the postive nature of grief.