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Danu site launches

With the successful launch party yesterday, the all new Downing Ball website is now live. Learn all about Danu and the Celtic seasonal theme of this year’s Ball. As always we aim to fully support all browsers and although the site is blessedly flash-free (Dave and I are on the same page there) it features our state-of-the-art MultiSeason™ and FourSkin™ technologies. You can now book tickets online or using the form on the back of the flyers that I am told will be doing the rounds, and as always Downing members can have their ticket(s) charged to their college bill. Below you can see how the four poster designs fit together as one.

Danu posters

While Apple’s Mac ads continue to push misleading stereotypes that are borderline lies (albeit more watchable with the help of the Peepshow guys), Dave showed me a great set of spoofs that highlight how pointless the entire debate really is.

The Event Calendar feature in the sidebar has been lying empty and unloved for a while now. I apologise for that, but will endeavour to get it filled up once more. If you are involved in any events that you would like to highlight then please let me know the details and I can add it to the calendar for all to see.

And that’s a wrap for the first month of 2007 — I figured you deserved a nice quick read after our self-indulgent retrospective last time!


  1. Not that anyone who reads (or writes, haha) your site will attend, but you should put my plays on your calendar!!
    I know, it’s probably just for Cambridge stuff (well, nerrr), but you can’t fault a girl for trying. 😀

    “A Night of David Ives” February 14, 15, and 16. 7:30 pm. Lakeside Theatre, in Colchester.
    Just in case. 😀
    (and really, I won’t be mad or anything if you don’t put them on there. I just thought I’d try. I’m really proud of them. I’m doing the whole production! I mean, just read about it on my blog! It’s craaaazy!)

  2. Having just watched those mac ads really made me want to go out and buy a brand spanking new…. copy of peepshow.

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