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I’ve been back a few days without posting, largely because very little has been going on, so I thought I’d say a couple of things. I’m presently occupied with finalising a few vacation scheme applications for the summer. I know several people have already received responses in the negative, so I’m just keeping my fingers crossed to see what happens. Although I’ve had some “aim lower” advice, as usual I remain unconvinced. Given that I already have experience at two good City firms, spending a few weeks in a lesser firm seems to me like wasted time. I’d rather aim high and deal with the consequences — much like my application to Cambridge in the first place really.

The Iranian nuclear issue has been sparked off once again by their defiant move in ripping off the UN seals and continuing research. The fear of Iran developing nuclear weapons is understandable and I will not argue that this is a capability they should attain. However, I am confounded by the notion that we would prevent scientific research in another country that has clear non-military practical use (what next, preventing pharmaceutical research in Africa because it could lead to biochemical weaponary instead of medical cures?), well aside from the argument that we are in no position to ban another country from producing WMDs while comfortably sitting upon a stockpile ourselves. This “Israeli statement” is often raised in argument that this country cannot be trusted because they’ve promoted the destruction of an entire nation. While I think their statement was outrageous, which countries actually have the biggest recent track record of starting wars, invading countries, and overthrowing regimes with huge collateral damage? I think you’ll find that Britain and the US are doing rather better than Iran in that regard. If I were Iranian I would be rather afraid at this juncture. After all there’s an army at their back door already so it makes sense to move in now rather than bringing the troops home first. And frankly certain people seem to be a little too keen to roll on in. It’s almost as if they can smell the oil already…

On a slightly less sensationalist note, a new teaser is out for Kevin Smith’s Clerks II (or “Clerks in Colour” as I like to call it, perhaps with a needless Hollywood subtitle like Dante’s Revenge). In a way it joins the ranks of the recent pointless trailers as although it features a good deal of new footage, Smith’s films are known for their sharp dialogue, of which this trailer contains exactly three lines. That said, it still made me laugh. So there’s that.


  1. So, obviously, seeing as I’m practically a politician, I’m not trying to disregard this issue, or sound like an airhead, but…

    One of my friends from high school is Iranian, and when he went there for Christmas vacation, he brought me back a rock from “the mountain” (as he called it). I now own a piece of Iran. 🙂

  2. That was really thoughtful of him. After all, it’s not like Louisiana has mountains. Or rocks, for that matter…

  3. Hey. We have rocks. I know we have rocks. I once accidentally broke the window of my mother’s van with a rock. I think my bottom still hurts from the beating I got for the one, haha. I *know* we have rocks.

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