Fast Dial for Firefox

The problem with attempting a world record for software downloads is that when inadequately prepared your servers go out and get trashed for several hours before staggering back in, announcing they are “absholutely frine”, and collapsing in a heap in the corner. Which is precisely (inevitably?) what happened to Mozilla. Nevertheless they managed an undeniably impressive haul with over 8 million downloads in the 24 hours. My build is much the same as before, although I have just added Fast Dial which mimics Opera’s speed dial feature, but with the option to use site logos instead of a thumbnail of the page itself.

Captain Jack

Kirsten and I have reached the first set of Doctor Who episodes that Adam highlighted for us, and I have to concur with his recommendation. The Empty Child and The Doctor Dances form a two part story set in London during the blitz. I was able to work out the ending but it was one of those satisfying experiences rather than feeling cheated, since it still unfolds neatly. The real draw, however, is the introduction of Captain Jack (Harkness, not the infamous pirate โ€” although actually there seems to be a distinct correlation between the moniker and flamboyant scoundrels). Doing things in typically nonsensical fashion, I have watched the first season of Torchwood (the second just looked to have gone too far, a strange sublimation process from bizarrely camp to just plain silly) so it was interesting to see the character’s original introduction in Doctor Who. My feeling was that his personality bounces better off the Doctor than the characters of Torchwood.

The following episode, Boom Town, took a slower pace, revisiting the aftermath of an earlier story and forcing the Doctor to consider the consequences of his actions in returning someone to a planet where they would be executed. The discussion of the issues didn’t have the depth it might, but the change in pace and tone was welcome before the climactic final two episodes. I have seen the first (featuring some fantastic television parodies) which convinces me the series really found its footing about halfway through and is going to close very strongly. Unfortunately Kirsten has jetted of Grenada so it’ll be a week or so before we can finish it offโ€ฆ