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The trouble with obnoxious ringtones is that when you are asleep they sound indistinguishable from alarms. As a result I may have hung up on one of Kirsten’s friends this morning when he phone started making a racket next to my ear at 8:15am, while she was in the shower. I apologise. As should whoever decided that a phone ought to produce the cacophony of a synthesised drum-kit. He ought to have his lungs replaced with a cymbal so he can see just how well such synergy actually works in practice. Nurse, he’s crashing!

This chart of geekdom is not exactly new but I have found it increasingly relevant to several friends, both of the cantab persuasion and externally, upon delving into their backgrounds. Lucia conceded that she fits onto the chart but refuses to reveal where. Now I’m not saying she’s a furry, but I’m not not saying she’s a furry either…

Oh, the Oscars? I missed them. By now you probably know I am rather disenchanted with them, but once again I managed to call all but one of the big four. Best actress for Helen Mirren was a nice surprise. I suppose best director was arguably a surprise too in that I half-expected them to somehow screw Scorsese over again. Still, it was nice to see Pan’s Labyrinth pick up a few, although not the Best Foreign Picture award I think it deserved (it was, after all, the best film I saw last year, though I haven’t yet been able to see The Departed).


  1. Helen Mirren winning a surprise? Is this the same Helen Mirren upon whom a bookmaker paid out on her winning a week in advance? ¬_¬

    Oh and, “but I’m not not she’s a furry” makes no sense. 🙂

  2. Only in that I haven’t seen any of the Best Actress performances this year so didn’t really have an opinion on it. I haven’t been reading any Oscar news/speculations apart from the nominations themselves.

  3. The Departed was good. But not as good as I thought it would be. Still well worth watching.

  4. Someone explain to me – what exactly is the differenc between a furry and an erotic furry. I thought furries, by their nature, were implicitly erotic furries.
    *is perplexed*

  5. No the furry community is adamantly opposed to, and very annoyed with, this generalisation. I am told.

    I think it’s still there under the surface. Repressed. Ingrowing furrism?

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