Having been involved in the mutual slaughter of a perfectly innocent conversation, I found myself with a fair bit of time to spend fiddling with the site. According to my chat log, the deathly silence that fell after a cataclysmically impressive conversation killer lasted a full two and three quarter hours before a swift exchange of goodnights wrapped things up. The time in between, however, was fairly productive…

Turned out the site still had some tinkering left over from the server migration in Februaray. Some largely cosmetic changes have been made to the entry page, just streamlining it a little. A new feature has been added in the way of a random text link at the bottom of that page. There will be a handful of them at any given time, and they will be updated regularly as I discover new online curiosities, so do take a look at them if you’re a little bored or desperately avoiding work.

Amongst other things the guestbook had been knocked out because it used a CGI script and the cgi-bins were taken offline. So a brand new and rather pretty PHP guestbook has now taken its place. Having removed all the test posts, it’s empty as of this moment so I would much appreciate it if you all (yes, even you) post a quick note at some point over the next couple of days to make it look respectable again. Sorry to those whose previous posts have been lost, and if you haven’t posted before then now’s your chance!

And now, since my insomnia’s been improving by shuffles and crawls, to bed at the sprightly hour of 3am.