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I’ve been doing the rounds at various law firms’ events although unlike last year I’m actually looking for work at the end of the day, rather than just luxuriating in the free food and booze. We’re also looking to wrangle sponsorship for the next issue of The Globalist (with it’s rapidly approaching release this Monday). Baker & McKenzie proved particularly helpful in that regard, so we’ll see what happens there. Linklaters put together a fantastic presentation with a video that showed a trainee’s perspective and was genuinely funny in parts. Freshfields had an informal and friendly chat over drinks after hiring the top tier of Bar B. After bumping into Steph and Yvonne we decided that we needed desert so went along to The Union’s Ben & Jerry’s night for free ice cream. The other two were members but I had to talk my way in, and I can’t think of any more appropriate place to test out one’s verbal persuasiveness than the uni’s hub of debating and public speaking. Needless to say, it worked. Phish Food all round. The firms’ food has been of a consistently high quality, but I’m waiting for the inevitable round of dinners for Downing because we’re spoilt. Err, special. I meant special.

Win a Mini Radio!

After the underwhelming response to the last competition (the result being J earned himself a swanky new PS2 ethernet card and Adam is now the proud owner of Worms 4) maybe this one will interest more people. Courtesy of Linklaters we have two cool mini-radios with a keyring clip to give away, complete with headphones (although it uses a jack that any standard pair will fit). To be in with a chance of winning, I want you to name a law firm. That’s it. Be as original and amusing (insulting?) as possible and remember if you’re one of the only people to enter, you’re virtually guaranteed to win! Email entries to competition[at] Good luck!


  1. You can’t convince me that Ben and Jerry’s has any flavour better than Oatmeal Cookie Chunk. It is love. *yuuummmm*

  2. It has to be half baked I am afraid or maybe Cherry garcia or perhaps…… Oh I give up! They’re all good 😀

  3. Personally I’ve found that mixing Cookie Dough and Choc Fudge Brownie ice cream together oneself produces a much better result than the half baked variety. I think it’s to do with the overpoweringness of B&J’s chocolate ice cream which obliterates the clean vanilla taste in Half Baked.

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