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Kama Sutra was, I think most industry professionals will agree, at best overrated and at worst positively flaccid. I’m referring of course to the latest predicted email virus epidemic, not the book in which Lydia accidentally ended up staring at pictures while squealing. Despite the hype, it’s stunningly low infection rates meant that the 3rd of February strikedate went by with barely a mention. The only thing it really highlighted was the confusion caused by antivirus vendors’ inability to produce a coherent naming system, resulting in half a dozen aliases like MyWife and Blackmal, although (unsurprisingly) the one that stuck was the name inspired by a detailed Sanskrit discourse on sexual behaviour. Which raises the question as to why exactly we boost virus writers’ egos with such names. Surely they would be less inclined to invest so much time if their creations were dubbed things like W32.NeverBeenKissed or Def_SociallyRetarded.

I’ve been going through the stat logs for the site recently and discovered some interesting search strings that led people here. Amusingly, someone had arrived after searching for “Girton Ball 2006”, the wayward soul swiftly discovering that Downing Ball is in fact the way to go. More curious, however, was that someone would even type the words “zaki weird croydon” into a search engine, let alone that it would lead them here. If you can shed any light on this I’d be most interested…

As previously menioned, Lej will be appearing on Richard & Judy this afternoon and, should you be lucky enough to have access to an E4 equipped televisual device, you can see the first episode of Beauty and the Geek this evening. Witness the truth behind the transformation.

And now, as uninviting as the prospect of a legal history essay on the ramifications of the decision in Slade’s Case (1602) may be, it must nevertheless be done.


  1. “zaki weird croydon” – ’twas me! :”> i fear however, it’s not (terribly) interesting…
    i was assessing my net presence – name and borough of fairly recent residence seemed good search parameters. No such luck. Ho hum…
    I should probably say on my post debut, as voyeuristic as reading somebody’s blog feels – yours is quite compelling! cheers! Keep it up,

  2. Cheers Zaki!

    Nice to have that mystery cleared up since I didn’t actually know you were a regular reader — I’m continually discovering new ones it would seem.

  3. Lej fucking rocked on TV. That is all. Thank you!

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