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Downing Ball beermatsToday’s Ball publicity drive at the Sidgwick was pretty successful, albeit slightly deserted on a Friday. Crass promotion is always marginally less painful when done in teams, especially when it includes the diverse mixture of Andy W’s malcontent cynicism with Lucy’s hyperactive cheerfulness — I smell a sitcom. Indeed, the team found my approach of walking up to a random stranger and kissing them a slightly odd (if very effective) way to introduce the Downing Ball. That the stranger in question was, in fact, my girlfriend Kirsten makes the whole thing somewhat less scandelous. Having plastered all faculties within range and stealthily deposited our swanky beermats in strategic high-caffeine locations, we considered our job done. I still have a whole bunch of beermats, essentially a miniature version of Yotam’s stylish poster, which you may like for your room or an appropriate common area. Just let me know and they’re yours.

If you’re in Cambridge and reading this then I’m quite sure you’ve booked your tickets already. If not, why not?

Our GoogleAds displayed a link recommending I try out NewsGator this afternoon. It’s actually something I’d been intending to use for a while and it’s a great web-based alternative if you don’t fancy downloading your own news aggregator. It lets you read tailored headlines from all your favourite sources in one place through a remarkably clean interface. The downside is that the free subscription service only allows one feed directly from a URL; the rest must be chosen from NewsGator’s (admittedly wide) list of choices. Since I use Thunderbird for email, I can get as many feeds as I like through there. Please do recommend any alternatives that you’ve found.

In case you missed Wednesday’s offer of Windows Live Messenger invites, I’ve got my hands on a few more so anyone can leave a comment to get hold of one. Once this lot are gone, that’s it though. Meanwhile, I’m still after a Google Analytics invite if anyone has a hot lead…


  1. You’ll be hitting the Chemistry department with beermats soon won’t you? >:p

    Or at least HPS? [-o< I quite like the smilies <):)>:d< Thanks for putting the Danby Quiz up on your calender :d

  2. I’ll have a word with Ravi. In the meantime you’re more than welcome to nab some from me.

    And I’m glad the smilies seem to have been a hit with everyone! b-)

  3. Mmm beer :> best thing to go with a beermat.
    Please send one of those my way [-o< (Can live without the kiss though)

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