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Cartoon Hell 2006

April Fool's Day: Cartoon Hell 2006

Hope you all enjoyed our April Fool’s Day redesigned headers. Initially I had been planning some elaborate change to the front page until I realised that many of you come directly to the Fragments section so it would be rather wasted. Several cartoons narrowly missed the cut, most notably the insipid, criminally moronic Johnny Bravo simply because I could not find suitable images. Also conspicuous in their absence are Scooby Doo and the gang, the success of which to this day I cannot fathom since every episode is exactly the same. However, they seem to be old enough to have received an unearned “classic” status, so I was worried some people may miss the irony. It seems that some of you did anyway. These are cartoons I dislike. I mean seriously, what is the point to Yu-Gi-Oh! other than to faciliate the sale of yet another overpriced CCG (Collectible Card Game).

Today I had an imbecillic hairdresser remove most of my hair. April 1st it may be but this ain’t funny. My mother and I have been frequenting the same salon for over a decade, despite the fact it is extremely out of our way. However this day Gloria decided to pawn me off on her new “professional barber”, no doubt accredited with a BA in head shaving. He seemed incredulous that I had actually allowed a woman to cut my hair for so long and indeed it was this that allegedly, he revealed to me in the aftermath, first caused the gentlemen to realise that it would not “be all jiggy”. While I’m all for supporting those with whom one has a prior relationship, this weird new hip-hop style, which makes good business sense in drawing in more custom from the locality, really isn’t for me. I feel this relationship has run its course


  1. Show us a photo!

  2. *watches april fools fun fly over head*
    I am so confused.
    I understand you now lack hair and this is bad, so must second dave’s request.

  3. Pixplzkthxbye!

    And how can you dislike SpongeBob? HOW?

  4. ..or better yet add a permanent one when you revamp your questions section.

    Here, I’ll even donate a sample question:

    “What was the worst you looked after going to the hairdressing salon?” :p

  5. Don’t be mean! I still havent seen it myself, but he was refusing to see me for the next 4 weeks so it must be reasonably severe…you know, like a broken finger nail or something… :))

  6. Uh oh, two Adams reading and posting comments…this is gonna get confusing. I guess Ad is going to be strictly referred to as Ad. That should work. Don’t get the wrong idea — great to have you here, Ad! 😉

    And Adam, in answer to your question: with remarkable ease.

    Shams, you miss a day, you miss out!

    For the rest of you, a photo may emerge shortly. Stay tuned…

  7. I was actually confused while reading that as to whether I’d accidentally posted under a different name and then forgotten about it.

    Evidentally I did actually fry my brain last term. And just because I don’t think this smiley gets used enough: :-w

  8. “Don’t be mean!” – Definately kirsten then *mort de rire* =))

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